Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boomers' July Road Trip

Boomers' July Road Trip
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It's not a simple thing getting ready to leave for a trip when you
live in the Keys, especially if it is hurricane season, which it is
right now. We have the porch furniture and barbeque pulled into the
living room, took all the plants down to be watered by Manuel,and
stored away our beach toys and bikes in the downstairs storage room.
Tomorrow morning Bill will pull all the hurricane shutters. We would
have pulled them tonight, but then it would be so dark in here in the
morning we probably never would get up. Then turn off the water, pack
up a cooler with lots of healthy breakfast and lunch food, and we're
off! I guess it's not that much work after all.
As you can see from the header, we tossed a coin on which car to take,
and gas mileage won and my back lost. Bucket seats! Yuck! So today I
went to Walgreens and bought all kinds of back comfort paraphernalia
which probably cost more than we will save on the gas!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lobster Season!
Mini Lobster Season will be July 30 and 31 this year and we won't be here for it! I will miss the excitement, but not the traffic and craziness at Publix. Regular lobster season starts on August 6th everywhere in the Keys except for Key Colony where it begins on August 16th. We will be back for that.
We got the lobsters in the photo here two years ago, in the rocks out front, and that is the last time we have ever spotted any lobsters. We hope to find some this year.
Last weekend we checked out the docks behind the Post Office, and saw some of the biggest lobsters hanging out that I have ever seen. There were lots of them too. We also saw some pretty big spotted eagle rays swimming around in the same place. The water in that canal is just disgusting, but I guess the lobsters love it. You would never catch me getting into that canal even for a lobster, but you could use a bully net to get them from the dock. If there were 15 or 20 in that one little corner, I wonder how many there are in all the canals of Key Colony Beach? I don't know who will get those beauties I saw, but they better stock up on the butter, 'cause they are in for one lobster feast! If we can't grab two out front by the rocks, we can always go up to Lobster Monster and buy two for dinner. Mmmm, so good!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Orchid Surprise

Orchid Surprise
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I went out to the orchid house to check on "Phil" the philodendron
that the Chinchars left behind and had asked me to watch over and
give a haircut now and then during the summer. What a surprise when I
saw this beautiful orchid growing out of the conch shell that was
hanging from the planter! I had totally forgotten about Phil until
now, but I'm giving him a haircut right after this photo. His new
roots had him practically stuck down to the bench in the orchid house.
Poor Phil!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Arriving Early for the Fireworks

It was a beautiful night to sit on Sombrero Beach in Marathon and
watch the fireworks display. We took our neighbor Marie and her nephew
who is visiting from France. It was the first time he had seen the
fireworks in America, and the first time we had been to the fireworks
in Marathon. It was a wonderful display, and a very friendly group of
local people, many of whom had been there all day for the parade, the
picnics and barbeques, and partying on the beach. It was a great way
to celebrate the 4th.

Waiting For the Show

Waiting For the Show
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As the sun set, everyone settled in for the show to start.

Grand Finale

Grand Finale
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People watched from the shore, from their boats, or while floating in
the water.