Saturday, July 09, 2011

Last Launch

Last Launch by sache47
Last Launch, a photo by sache47 on Flickr.

What a great opportunity to see the last shuttle launch from the beach at Melbourne. I didn't get a great shot from my iPhone, but we saw it, heard it, and felt it as it broke through the clouds.

Monday, July 04, 2011

This green turtle was spotted nesting on Smather's Beach in Key West this weekend. This is only the second time a green turtle nest has been found in a residential island of The Keys. They usually nest in the Marquesas or offshore uninhabited islands. Green turtles are endangered, and very it's very rare to even see one out in the ocean. Richie Moretti, our turtle expert from the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, says she most probably hatched on this beach 25 years ago. They come back to the same beach to lay their eggs. After she crawled back to the ocean they put up a fence around the nest and hopefully in about 55 days there will be lots of baby green turtles hatching from their eggs and marching to the ocean.