Sunday, June 06, 2010

We had a great time on the Lobster Boat with Aaron and Samantha fishing for dolphin on Saturday. Samantha is Jack's granddaughter and her new husband, Aaron spent their honeymoon in The Keys. She has the Miller touch with the fishing rod and we brought in over 30 dolphin and a king mackrel and a black fin tuna. Yea, it's really hot down here right now, but the ocean is full of dolphin that are just begging to be caught, and the temps are just right for a relaxing noodle every afternoon. Tonight we put the black fin tuna that Aaron brought in to good use and seared it with black sesame seeds and served it with a little pickled ginger and wasabi. It was excellent. It was the last night for the honeymooners as they leave to go back to Milwaukee tomorrow, but have plans to hopefully return next year and try for some tarpon. Now how about a little dolphin for dinner, tonight, tomorrow night, the next night, etc. Fish tacos are definitely on the menu. Great times with new friends, thanks for sharing your granddaughter with us, Jack.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Coconut 101

Coconut 101
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We asked Manuel to cut down the green coconuts by the laundry room
because they were falling with an alarming thud every time we walked
by. He did that, and also gave us a lesson on good coconuts vs bad
coconuts. FROM NOW ON we will only drink juice from the good ones.
Bottoms up! It's good for you.