Friday, January 11, 2008

Look, Mom, and Iguana Popsicle!

It was so cold around here last week that in some areas of the Keys, the iguanas were falling out of the trees! The bad news is they weren't dead; when the sun came out they warmed up and wandered off, good as new. The good news is that it shocked the little buggers and it would have been the perfect time to round them up and get rid of them in some humane way. Here at Key Colony the temperature only got down to 45 degrees, not quite cold enough for the iguanas to fall out of trees. We would love to have seen them go through a little suffering. We are sick of them thinking they own the beach at 4:00 when they pass by our lounge chair to get to their favorite tree for an afternoon nap. We are really sick of them in the summer when they walk up to the pool and have the nerve to take a dip now and then and leave a mess on the cement. We hear they are tasty cooked up with garlic and butter, but no thanks, we'd rather eat fried chicken or yellowtail.