Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is the time of year when Manuel goes around and drastically trims up everything around The Cay; it's a hurricane preparation thing, I suppose, but also seems to really get things going with some new spring growth. As I was walking up the steps after my swim this morning, I noticed that he had completely cut down one of the banana trees that had finished producing. Then I noticed the amazing concentric circles of the inner core of the trunk where he had sawed it off, and also a new plant to the left just about 18 inches tall just starting it's lifetime goal of providing bananas to The Cherrys and anyone else who is around. It makes me happy to know that even when something is old and used up and carted away, it can still leave something beautiful behind.

Last week we met up with Ryan from New York on the deck. He came down every evening and kept us amused with his knowledge of New York City living, his Blackberry capabilities, and his daily dive trips and bar/restaurant experiences while he is staying at the Hoffman's unit with his mom and dad.
He sure had us old folks as a captive audience as he went on and on about this and that. A self-described nerd, he told us he was the AV squad captain in high school and now has gone on to become a freelance TV camera coordinator, or something like that. Here he is teaching himself how to use a cast net that he bought in the dive shop when he went on the day trip to Looue Key. That guy will "tackle" anything, and was so nice to spend time with those of us that are from a different generation.
We enjoyed his sense of adventure, "can do" attitude, and friendly nature. Hope he gets to make another trip down to The Cay next year.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here's what you can do on a rainy day; go up to the Ocean Room and paint fish on pieces of palm spine. What could be more fun and provide lots of laughs? This is the second school of fish created with the help of the craftiest lady that we have here at The Cay. Some look like real fish, like the dolphin and the cero mackrel, and some look, well, just ridiculous. Thanks for an entertaining afternoon, Dana.