Saturday, February 24, 2007

Carl's 80th, and we celebrated with an informal gathering of close friends and anyone else who was wandering by at the time. Yes, it was his birthday, but more than that, we were celebrating his return to us after unexpectantly being away for 2 weeks. It just wasn't the same without hearing his voice as he greets everyone on his way down to the beach for his daily swim, seeing him and Dana ride their bikes at 7:30 every morning, and enjoying the sunset on the deck in the evening. Our internal time clocks were just all screwed up while he was gone. And now, we are so thankful, blessed, and just plain lucky that we have him back at The Cay. So welcome back, Carl, and please don't leave us again in the middle of the season unless you have a very good reason. We can't live without you!

Friday, February 02, 2007

LOOK OUT! Portuguese-Man-of - War on the beach! The wind switched around last night, and now it's out of the south. That means lots of seaweed on the beach and also Portuguese Man-of-War. I took this photo this morning about a half hour after they raked the beach. They look innocent, but their 30 foot tentacles can give a nasty sting. I see not even Carl swimming in the ocean today. Smart!
The south wind also brings in Cuban rafters. Last week the new commander of the Navy in Key West stepped out his front door to find 18 of them sitting peacefully in his front yard waiting for someone to process them. Wet foot/ Dry foot law. If you make it to shore, you are free to stay. They came over in an old boat. What happens more often, is that wealthy Cubans pay, what I hear to be between 10 and 20 thousand dollars each for a go-fast boat to bring them over. This of course is illegal, but quite a money-making venture if you have a fast boat, and want to take the risk of getting caught. Last week two groups of 20-30 Cubans were dropped off close to shore in the early morning hours. One group came in on Sombrero Beach, and the other at Coco Plum. Maybe one morning it won't be just the Portuguese Man-of -War greeting me on the beach. "Habla Espanol?" Does all of this have anything to do with the uncertainty of the political situation in Cuba right now?
The talk in Little Havana is all about celebrations that are planned for the impending death of Castro. There are plans for a big blow out at the Orange Bowl, with dancing and partying. The city of Miami is trying to keep out of it, but says they will provide security if there is an event. Is the death of a much hated person a cause for celebration? I don't know.
Wet foot/ Dry foot, Marange or Mourn? All I know is I'm glad I speak a little Spanish. I may be in the minority down here sooner than I thought.