Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mini-season ends tonight at midnight. They warned me to stay away from the 25th Street boat launch, Kmart fishing section, and the beer aisle at The Winn Dixie. Did I listen? No, but it was pretty tame during the day while everyone was out on the "bug-hunt". The FWC was out in full force with boats, heliocopters and even a lobster-sniffing dog. It's too crazy out there for most of the locals. Me? I'll wait until August 6th when the regular season starts. Hopefully Jim and Pat Janda will take us out on their boat; They know ALL the spots.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The rush is on! Lobster Mini season starts tomorrow, and there are tons of people down here. The ocean is full of boats. There are pickup trucks and boat trailers everywhere. The Marathon Lady has been doing lots of fishing trips daily. The signs are up, no lobstering in the canals or water around Key Colony, but the boats have been going out daily looking for just the spot where all the lobsters will be when the season starts. Now, if only the lobsters will cooperate for them and stay in exactly that spot when they start the hunt, they will be all set. Here at The Cay, it is very quiet as usual. We have only our usual summer residents, and even Marie is in France for a few weeks. The only noise here is from Oscar doing his spalling work, and he is working at a fast clip. He finished our parking lot side of building 4 this past week, and is now rounding the corner of Snavely's. From my uneducated view, he is doing an excellent job AND he has been very neat, cleaning up as he goes. What a guy! While is is quiet here, not so at Sunset Beach next door. They do a lot of short term rentals, and have lots of families fishing off the peer, swimming in the pool, etc. It's nice to see so many groups having such a good time this time of year.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

We've been gone for a month, but now we are back from the great Up North, and it looks like we may have a MAJOR BANANA PROBLEM right below our balcony. When we left, there were two little trees, planted there last November. We return and one of them has massive amounts of bananas on it! How exciting! The problem is that there just aren't enough people around to share them all with, but don't worry, they aren't ripe yet anyway. We have had a few families here enjoying the 4th festivities. The Sables, the Winterichs, to name a few. The beach is peaceful and the water is warm...very warm. It's a good place to contemplate some recipes for the future. Let's see, banana bread, banana daqaris, banana margaritas, bananas Foster, banana creme pie...