Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sun breaks through

Sun breaks through
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This is the way a Sunday morning should begin; First, a cup of
coffee, then a swim, followed by a stroll on the beach. Life is great.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New shelving

New shelving
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It's a cloudy morning,perfect for a little carpentry project. Bill
used the leftover scraps from the new fence to replace the rotted out
wood in the orchid house. "Desire", Bill's vanda, loves her new
surroundings and the misting she gets every day at 4pm.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dolphin Are In
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When I say they're "in", I'm using the term loosely. They are about 30
miles out, and it was a rough day at sea, but someone had to do it.
Bill had quite a catch on the "Reel Smiles" yesterday with Big Dave.
Here they are along with the one wahoo that Bill brought in. It was a
half day of fishing turned into a full day of fishing because nothing
was hitting for the first 3 hours until they came upon about 50 milk
jugs tied together and their they were keeping cool in the shade and
just waiting to be hooked. So tonight it's dolphin fingers on the
deck. Be there or be square!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Ocean Floor Clean Up

Ocean Floor Clean Up
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As Doris, Dave, Bill and I noodled around and enjoyed a beautiful
Mother's Day in the warm water, we noticed this young girl snorkeling
around us and making several trips with a mesh bag back to the beach.
Turns out she was collecting lots of litter from the ocean floor. Old
cans, plastic pipe, big pieces of glass, snorkel equipment, she
carried it all back to the beach, and was still busy at if for most of
the afternoon. We looked over her collection, and thanked her for her
hard work. Christina's grandparents own a condo at Ocean Front Condos
and she comes down every weekend in the summer from Miami to check on
the place. How great to see someone working hard to clean up the
environment, and no, she did not find the diamond ring that the
Steiners lost out there 4 years ago.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Best Wishes to Warren

Best Wishes to Warren
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All of us (those survivors who are still around) wished Warren the
best as he moves on to be near his kids in Denver. It was a great
night, beautiful balmy weather, delicious food, and a rousing game of
Alligator to top off the evening. The BIG money winner was Dennis,
but Cole Tracy did well also. We shared memories around the table and
told a few stories of parties in the ocean room, stories told around
the pool, and summer days of seeing Warren multitasking in the pool,
doing his walk and reading at the same time. He will be missed. You
know everyone in the picture except for his daughter, Mary, in the
green next to Warren. They will be flying out together on Tuesday.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Big celebration at the Brass Monkey today, and we were a part of it. It was a tense week in Marathon when the Winn Dixie gave the Monkey 30 days to move out after they refused to sell their liquor license. Winn Dixie owns the property. The town showed up to support the Monkey and threatened to boycott the Winn Dixie, and so their lease was extended. Part of the victory party today was 1000 hamburgers and hotdogs provided by Winn Dixie. The band rocked out with Clarence Clemons (Bruce Springsteen's Band) on the sax, and us in the Monkey for our first time enjoying the local crowd and the music. Yes, that really is Clarence Clemons, he just bought a house in Marathon and enjoys jamming with the band at The Monkey now and then. Doris even got a big smooch from local talent, "Rocket Man" from Porky's. Check out his jewelry and monkey hat! We decided we need to hit the local watering holes more often. It was lots of fun.