Saturday, October 10, 2009

I guess it's not too much of a surprise that the wildlife around here is not one bit afraid of us. After all, we are very predictable, swim/walk/bike in the morning, Scrabble under the palm in late afternoon, cocktail on the deck before dinner. What's to worry about? They know where we will be and when. This juvie heron seemed to like to be near me this morning. Laps 1-3, he watched from the top of the fence. Laps 4-6 he did figure eights on the ground in between the fence posts. Laps 8-10 he stood on the side of the pool and counted along with me. He's a good influence, and nice to have at my side. He kept me swimming a little longer while Bill got the camera. Hope he's back again tomorrow. I think I'll call him "Coach".

Friday, October 09, 2009

Late afternoon seems to be the best time to watch the osprey practice his hunting skills. He perches right above us while we sit in the shade of the palms. We think he's a young one, first of all because he's not one bit bothered by us being so close, and also because he's really not that great of a hunter yet. He has a few obstacles to overcome. The palm frond he sits on swings in the breeze while he spots his target. Then just as he takes off, the seagulls on shore charge to his prey and make all kinds of noise and shadows and scare it away. He likes to go for the needle fish that are bluish green, easy to spot, and sit still by the surface. When he's got his approach just right, he comes up with the fish, head first in his strong talons, jealous seagulls flapping along just in case he drops it, and carries it off somewhere else to chow down. Then he returns to the palm tree to get ready to try it all over again.
Only in Key West...
KEY WEST: A 62-year-old
Clearwater man was jailed
Monday after allegedly using a
golf putter to beat a man who
tried to kiss him, saying he
was acting out of “moral self
defense,” police reports say.
John Crawford Swindle was
charged with disorderly conduct
and aggravated battery
causing great bodily harm.
from Key West Ctitzen

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

THIS IS WHY you don't swim in a canal on Key Colony Beach. Daniel Calahan, Fifth Street Canal, 130 stitches at Fishermen's Hospital. Bull Shark attack. I'm taking this post off very soon because it is just too disgusting.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

It's the talk of Key Colony Beach, and it's really no joking matter. This past week someone was attacked by a bull shark in the 5th Street canal. As far as I can tell from overhearing different conversations, bull sharks weighing about 200 pounds were seen in the canal in the morning. In the afternoon a man was snorkeling in the canal,spotted the bull shark and tried to get away, but was bit on the foot as he was climbing up a ladder out of the water. The number I heard was 42 stitches.
Yesterday afternoon, as the water is gorgeous right now, Marie had just got out of the ocean, and we were about to get in, when Steve, the manager came down to let us know that someone had spotted an 8 foot bull shark off of the pier at Sunset Beach Condos next door. That is just way to close for comfort. It could have been Marie's last swim forever, and our final noodle if he had decided to cruise the shore while we were there. We have had a number of seagulls, pelicans, and herons hanging around the shoreline on our beach this week. Something is coming up and scaring the pilcherds up onto the shore, and the seagulls are grabbing any that they can. Sharks? Barracudas? We don't know, but if we get in the water today, it will be while we are inside our kayak.