Friday, August 31, 2007

The Key Colony Beach Public Works Building is coming right along. This is on 8th street by the golf course right by the sewer treatment plant. Now it looks pretty large just to hold the work vehicles. There are a few residents who have speculated that maybe it will become our veryown fire station some day. Key Colony was not very happy with the amount of money that Marathon Fire Department was charging us for Fire Protection this past year. Who knows? A brand new Key Colony Beach fire truck would look nice in the St. Patrick's Day parade.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

This week my sisters brought my Mom down to celebrate her 86th birthday. It is just about empty here at The Cay, and three sisters have been having so much fun together. When I woke up this morning and came downstairs, Sue and Nan were gone, I stepped out on the porch and there they were in their pajamas hunting for seaglass on the beach. I grabbed my camera to get a photo of the two of them. Saturday early, no one was around, so we took a photo opportunity on the beach. What a coincidence, we all happened to be in green. A trip to Key West, a birthday celebration on the deck, lots of relaxing in the ocean and the pool, dominoes, cribbage and lots of doesn't get much better than this.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's Coming Down...Finally The shops next door to The Quay are down already, that took about 10 minutes, but now they are taking down that landmark restaurant and I think it will take a little bit longer to dismantle. These buildings have been falling down ever since Hurricane Wilma, and they really needed to be demolished. I know a lot of you have some great memories of special dinners at this long-ago famous place. I think the bar out back was Banana Tiki Bar, or something like that. The city had to send in trucks to tear it down, but I am sure the Gus Boulis Family Estate will pay for it ultimately. Most of you know that Gus Boulis was also the one who owned Sun Cruz Casino, the Quays, The Greek Fisherman, and Perrys,and then was shot in the head at a stoplight in Ft. Lauderdale after selling Sun Cruz to Jack Abrahamoff and some other inverstors who weren't paying him The city would like to buy the land for a park, but the $5 million price tag for that little strip of land is way too high. I believe the city did get the boat ramp. Well, this photo did come with a small price tag. I was filling up at the Citgo on the corner because the gas was a low $3.03 a gallon and while thinking about taking this photo, I forgot to replace my gas cap, went back to look for it later, and can't find it, so now it is a trip to KMart for a new gas cap. The good news is that I took this photo from the turn around lane while no one was behind me, and I did not get rear ended. Unfortunately, my niece has gotten me into taking photos while driving, but I swear I am going to give it up from now on, too dangerous!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Breakfast out, Keys style. My teacher friends, Arlene and Riet and I meet here often to start the morning out with breakfast on the water. Keys Fisheries has everything you would want from a breakfast sandwich, to the lobster omlet. If you fall in love with the lobster omlet, you can come back at lunch for the lobster rueben. Prices are reasonable however you do have to put your order in at the window, give a favorite movie or song title, and wait for them to call you back to pick up your order. Coffee is serve yourself. Also, they have a new upstairs bar, called "The Upper Deck" for happy hour, but we haven't tried this yet. As you all know, it is down the street from the Stuffed Pig, right next to the elementary school. How handy is that for us part-time testers? Great friends, great fun, and you can check out who's going out fishing for the day, oh..."'Love Me Tender' is up", time to go get my order.

Friday, August 03, 2007

It's a new store...for those of you who like to cook your own. "Lobster Monster" selling meat and seafood. Yes, I know, you can read the sign. It's located on the south side of A1 across from Walgreen's. They had fresh yellowtail advertized today for $4.99 a pound, probably the whole fish, Bill says. I haven't been in yet, but plan to go next week after the commercial boats start pulling traps on August 6th. Let's see, they are supposedly going to get $5.00 a pound for their catch, so I could expect to pay $10.00 a pound for lobster? That may be wishful thinking, or as they say down here, "fishful thinking". I'll let you know how the pricing goes, and what else they have there after I check it out. I love the marine blue paint job on the outside. It really sets it off from the other stores around, and you can't miss it when you drive by.