Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tom's 88th Birthday was celebrated on the deck last night, and it was a night of great food and lots of memories and a few photos of the past. I'm sure at the moment this black and white photo was taken, celebrating a birthday on the ocean was about the last thing on Tom's mind. If you haven't heard about his goalie days during high school in Cleveland, stop by anytime and he'll tell you about a much different sport than we see now on TV, ie. head gear, there was none back then.

Tom's sister, Ellen surprised Tom by driving down for the party, and by far, the best part of the party was sitting around remembering what things were like 30 some years ago at The Cay when Tom and Dell and all of the Storey children played a big part in the social scene not only on Key Colony, but in Marathon and Key West. The tales about going to "Fanny's" and dancing to Bob Emma across the street gave us newcomers a taste of what it was like in the olden days, and believe me, we lead a very sheltered life these days in comparison.
So here's to Tom, and we can't wait to be back on the deck again next year for number 89. Let the memories live on!!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

...And They Share!

...And They Share!
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Dave and Doris had a great catch on the Best Bet last Thursday, and
they shared a part of their catch with us on the deck! They cooked up
the Yellow Jack, marinated in Teriyaki and also in a Coconut,
Pineapple, Mango, Tequila sauce from Trader Joes. They did their
traditional mayo and Old Bays to barbeque the Cero Mackrel, skin side
down, just until flaky. It was all delicious, there was barely a piece
left at 5:30. If you didn't make it down to the deck that evening, oh
well, "Too bad, too sad", as Doris would say.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Stone Crab Dinner at Keys Fisheries was great this afternoon. This was a benefit for the Marathon High School Athletic Department. The reason why there's no food on the table is because we ate it all! The stone crab claws were precracked so that getting to them and dipping them in the mustard sauce was no problem at all, it was served with cole slaw and french fries. Lots of our friends from The Cay were there and eager to pose after dinner. The reason that the plastic curtains are down is because the cold front is on it's way. It's 5 PM and the temperature is down to about 68 degrees. Time to hunker down for a few days.