Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We can't believe it! The best two dancers on Dancing With the Stars, our Cheetah Girl, Sabrina and her partner Mark were voted off of the show last night. Now that was just WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! How could it be that Marie Osmund and Jayne Seymour got more votes? There couldn't possibly be that many Baby Boomers who would have figured out how to text in their votes. Marie was just terrible and Jayne wasn't much better. This was our favorite show to watch every Monday and Tuesday, and now we are talking about a total boycott of the show next week. After all, this is supposed to be a dance competition, and not just a popularity contest. What? There was a presidential debate the same night? If I had it to do over again...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween from the Cherrys at The Cay. As The Count would say, "Now that's scarrrrry!"

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Girls' Weekend in Daytona!
The ABCTE observers got their work done early, and spent the rest of the week at Arlene's Beach House in Ponce Inlet, just south of Daytona. The Ponce De Leon Inlet Lighthouse was right nearby, so of course, after an hour and a half of Riet's Yoga Class, we had to climb the 203 steps to the top. The view was worth it! But as you see, we were holding on to each other for dear life because it was very windy that day. The rest of the vacation was spent walking that beautiful beach, shopping in Port Orange, breakfast on the deck, and dinner at Jerry's. We had so much fun together and even stopped off at the new IKEA in Sunrise on the way home. If you ever need directions, just ask us, we now know how to get there.

Friday, October 19, 2007

SNOWBIRDS! YES! They are flocking to The Cay again! We hear even more are due in next week if the tail winds are just right. We can't help notice that the oldest and the wisest seem to get back here first. Yes it's still hot, but the threat of hurricanes seems like a thing of the past at this stage in the season. The ocean is still nice and warm, and so is the pool. So don't dawdle! Shake a tail feather and get on down here! There's plenty of room left on the beach for everyone.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Familiar Faces, New Location!
I spent a pleasant afternoon in Melissa Blanco's brand new "Salon Blanco" in downtown Marathon. Many of you know Melissa, Angelina and Robbin from Island Girl Salon, and now Melissa has her own salon. It is a gorgeous interior, very upscale inside and out with beautiful furnishings and lots of class. It is hard to believe that Melissa and her Dad did all of the work on the interior which had to be just about gutted, but it definitely looks like she has put her own ideas and decorating talents into creating a truly relaxing atmosphere for her clients. Very modern free standing stations allow for lots of area left for moving around. She has really thought of all of the details that make life easier for the customer. For instance, the wash bowls themselves go up and down so your chair doesn't need to be adjusted.

As I sat there enjoying my shampoo, and by the way, Melissa gives about the most relaxing shampoo massage that I have ever had, I was thinking, gosh, wonder how the prices are with all this new equipment to pay for? What a nice surprise, the prices are just about the same as they were at Island Girl.
Now I know you want to know where this is located because you will want to check it out yourselves when you get back from the frozen Up North. Salon Blanco is on the gulf side just past the Turtle Hospital, next to Cristiano's. It is great to see a young girl with a dream of owning her own salon put in the hard work necessary to get her business going and end up with a beautiful place that she can be proud of.