Monday, July 24, 2006

New Business open up on Key Colony Beach!
It occurs to me that some of you may want your own excitement of coming back down to the Keys and discovering what has changed during your absence. If so, this blog may be an annoying to you, and read no further.
We have a new store right here on our little island. It's located between the real estate office and the skin care center. Fish Lips Island Cargo is probably geared toward the teenage souvenir hunters who have much more money to spend than us seniors. It's cute, some nice artwork, and lots of visors, flip-flops, and some groovy Key Colony Beach tee shirts for $22. Doris? Zabelle? Are you interested? I know you will want to make at least one trip there when you return, and then send your grandkids there for an afternoon of begging for cute things. As always, I'm here to send you the most important news from your island paradise.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's Lobster Mini Season and the Livin' is Crazy!
The mini season is next Wednesday and Thursday, but life fires up this weekend when everyone shows up with their boat and finds the spots where all the lobsters are so that they can jump in their boats at 6 AM Wednesday morning and head for the right places. We went into Marathon this morning, and sure enough, it's nuts! Everyone who couldn't find a place to put their boat has it parked in the KMart parking lot, and it looks like some of them are being lived in. KMart has aisles of diving gear and tickle sticks. And Publix and Winn Dixie? Packed with families of 6 or more. The outfit of the day is wife beater shirts for the men, and glitter and sequin mini skirts and bikini tops with more glitter and sequin high heels for the women, and I use the term loosely. All of the check out lines are open and full. It's great for business in Marathon. How does Key Colony handle it? The boat trailer parking spaces behind the tennis court have been filled since Thursday, and see the sign below, this is how they keep it absolutely quiet here. We got our groceries and will just hunker down here to observe. The lobsters Bill is holding in the above photo were caught during the regular season at the rocks by our condo. Mini season is far too crazy for us, but we will have our bedroom window open Wednesday morning so we can hear them all head out to get their catch at 6 AM. It's exciting and there are always great news stories afterwards.

Monday, July 17, 2006

It's not one of the prettiest sights on Key Colony, but one we see daily. They've been at it since May, day after day, week after week. It will be nice when the underground cables are all in and the overhead wires come down. They seem to be making quicker progress now, they are well over the bridge and heading toward our end of the island. Someone who thinks they know everything (and shall remain nameless) says the digging was especially hard up by US 1, and is a lot easier now since much of Sadowski's island is fill - I guess that makes sense. By the looks of the huge pile of pipe next to the golf course, I would say that there is probably enough to do the whole island, and I think that is the plan, but it may take a while. In the meantime, it's one lane only on the causeway, and I've got to stop taking pictures while I'm driving, "Secret Squirrel" would not be pleased.